Digital Pottery

Digital Pottery

Scott Tann, Web Application Developer

What is Digital Pottery?

Scott M. Tann Co, LLC does business as Digital Pottery. In other words: Digital Pottery is me. Just me.

The name "Digital Pottery" comes from the idea that software, like pottery, can be functional and stylish. Cool and useful.

I am also the president of GBS Unlimited, LLC. There are three of us at GBS: two technologists and a marketer.


Christmas, 1980: that's when it all started. A TRS-80 Color Computer with 4K of memory was under the tree.

In 1991, I began building applications professionally. FoxPro, Helix, FileMaker, 4D, etc.

Now I specialize in web applications, data exchange middleware in particular. This is primarily software that sits "in between" different systems and serves as a translator as data is passed back and forth.

I also build responsive websites and have worked on customer loyalty programs, billing applications, asset libraries, etc. More information and examples can be found on the Projects page or my resume.

Currently living in Westerville, Ohio, just outside of Columbus, I'm married and have a son.

I'm a fan of Columbus Crew SC and the US Men's National Team, I play the drums, read historical novels and travel writing, get my money's worth on Netflix, and walk a few miles every day.

I love to travel, both in the US and abroad. The states I have not yet been to: Kansas, the Dakotas, Texas, New Mexico, Alaska. I've lived in Paris twice.