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Digital Pottery

Scott Tann, Web Application Developer

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Work Experience

Founder & President - Digital Pottery (2001 - Present)

Scott M Tann Co, LLC, dba Digital Pottery. No need to elaborate here - this site is devoted to my work history at Digital Pottery. On and off during several periods, Digital Pottery was a side job, or on hold, while I worked elsewhere fulltime.

Co-Founder & President - GBS Unlimited, LLC (2011 - Present)

Where I am currently focusing my efforts. (See "Simon" above.) GBS was also a side project for the first few years while I was a subcontractor for GE.

  • Responsive Magento sites – HTML5, jQuery, CSS3, PHP
  • Custom inventory and order fulfillment code to connect e-commerce site to multiple distributors/dropshippers; data formats and fulfillment systems are different for each dropshipper – PHP, Perl, Bash, MySQL, CSV, XML/WSDL, SOAP
  • Loyalty program processing code – track customer points spent and earned, synchronized with web and in-store purchases – PHP, Powershell, Ruby, Bash, MySQL
  • Twilio web application to connect customer service operators to callers and track time, with reports and text alerts for time overages and credit exhaustion – PHP, Ruby, Bash

Senior Software Engineer - CBTS (2011 - 2014)

At Cincinnati Bell Technology Solutions, I was a subcontractor to General Electric.

  • Refactored “Touchless Build,” a PHP/Zend application that allows users to initiate virtual server builds
  • Migrated “Touchless Build” to DynamicOps/vCAC; wrote dozens of Powershell, Perl, and Python scripts for new workflows and logging capability
  • Added reporting functions to “Tiered Security” Network Segregation Application, a PHP/Zend packet analysis application
  • Extended Achievo Project Management application to allow time entry per project and advanced reporting on that data

Click here for an old school PDF resume. It has more detail than this site, and it goes back to 2005.